F3C USA Nationals

This year’s USA F3C Nationals and Team Trials were slightly different than most with COVID at play. The attendance was low as travel to Indiana was not possible for some.

The US Nationals also serves as the FAI World Championship Team Trials. The top 3 positions from the finals make up the 3 flying members and the Team Manager is voted/nominated by the team members.

This year the team is Gordie Meade as F3C/N Team Manager, Mike Goza, Nob Muraki and myself. F3N is Chris Diamonte, AJ Jaffe, and myself.

The Nationals results were:


  1. Nick Maxwell
  2. Nob Muraki
  3. Mike Goza


  1. Nick Maxwell
  2. Chris Diamonte
  3. AJ Jaffe

The World Championships will be held in Brasov, Romania July 30th-August 6th, 2021.

This year my father came out of “mechanic retirement” and was my helper/caller at this year’s NATs. The last time he called F3C was at the World Championships in Poland in 2013, and at the XFC in 2016 for 3D. I am not sure if he will be attending in Romania or not yet with his work schedule.

This was my 7th US Nationals title since starting to heavily compete in FAI in 2009.

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