I’m now flying XL Power

I am very happy to be flying XL Power helicopters from September 2021 onward!

I saw the XL Power Specter V2 in person at IRCHA as well as the Wraith V2 F3C machine and was drawn to the simplicity yet very good fundemental design features of the control geometry, power drive and tail drive systems. Simply put, the Specter and Wraith V2 versions have what I consider some of the best swashplate and servo ratios and travel capabilities that I’ve seen in direct link CCPM models. Easily acheiving +/- 14 degrees collective plus +/- 11 degrees cyclic across the entire collective range. For my big and higher speed flying style, that allows for so many unqiue manuevers that most models would run out of control authority while attempting.

The drive train is extremely smooth and quiet for a very good presenting F3C and F3N model. You can feel in flight how smooth the transmission is because of the ability to run high gains, and not have to fight any strange wiggles or bobbles during even the most power demanding flying.

The tail rotor is very simple to maintain with large pulleys, and a tail pulley idler that rides on the belt preventing any chance of the belt skipping in flight. The tail belt also does not need to be ran super tight to keep it from skipping allowing for great autorotations.

With a 15mm main shaft, 10mm head axle, 6mm tail shaft, 8mm belt, and 5mm tail cross axle with all grips very well supported by wide bearing spacing and large bearings, everything is very rigid and slop free making a good tracking rotor head and tail, as well as crazy strong!

There are so many more awesome features that I will touch on as I go further with XL Power and can’t wait to fly these models publicaly at events… I beleive the Specter and Wraith will help take my flying to the next level in not only flight performance, but the ability to keep the helicopters flying at their best condition easier as they are so simple to work on and maintain… I can’t tell you how many times I have sacrificed % of something not replaccing worn parts because I am worried that taking a section of the model apart to change a bearing or part the heli might not go back together exactly the same. With the XL helicopters being so simple and modular, that fear is completely gone. Having so many shared parts maintence is not an expensive task either, keeping less spare parts as they can be used on multiple of your helicopters.

Being light weight, strong, super smooth cyclic and tail control feel, and easy to work, and most importantly AFFORDABLE to fix, in one month of flying these new helis I can already feel like I am flying lower, faster, and crisper than ever before without the fear of a whoops.

XL Power can be purchased from Cajun Aircraft, Helidirect, and Amain Hobbies in the USA. They all carry a full line of spare parts and kits at some of the best prices in the heli market.

I am very much looking forward to working with all the pilots out there with XL Power at events, and joining an already extremely strong flight team!