Engine Exhaust Cover Kit O.S. 1.05


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Exhaust port cover made of G-10 with a groove for o-ring seal, carb plug, and carb + backplate fuel nipple covers to protect your engine from debris while assembling a new nitro helicopter or while wreching from a crash with the exhaust off.


  • G-10 exhaust port cover plate with o-ring sealing groove
  • O-ring to seal exhaust port
  • 2 x M4 bolts to secure the cover plate to the engine.
  • Rubber plug for carb venturi
  • 2 x rubber fuel nipple covers

You can potentially cause damage to an expensive engine allowing plastic, dirt, etc into the engine before you even run it the first time. This kit covers the ports where debris can enter while building (cutting fan shroud for exhaust header, dirt from a crash, etc).

Unlike masking tape or 1 time adhesive this is reusable and is 100% effective for protecting.

Because the G-10 cover plate is sealed with an o-ring it can also be used when pickling an engine for storage between heli builds, or if you have a spare engine you’d like to protect.


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