Futaba CGY760R


Futaba CGY760R

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Futaba’s CGY760R helicopter flight control system is as good as it gets with extremely axial and true flying cyclic, tail rotor, and governor system.

CGY760R has a Futaba FASSTest receiever built in with the 3 axis gyro and governor system.

  • Telemetry capable
  • ALL IN ONE unit
  • Up to 8.4v power rail
  • Wireless gyro tuning with the T16IZ and T32MZ controllers
  • FREE gyro updates
  • 760us cyclic capable with Futaba HPS-H/HC700 cyclic servos

I was heavily involved in the development of the CGY760R making trips to Japan and years of evolution put into the Futaba 3 axis helicopter flight control system. As a non-reactive only system, the CGY760R’s control theory is very unique and was developed to give the pilot a system that they can tune to feel how they would like, but not sacrifice any qualities such as axial rolls and collective changes.

The CGY760R is availble with or without a GPB-1 Gyro Programming Box. If using a T16IZ or T32MZ, the only thing you will need the GPB-1 for is PC updates.

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