O.S. 1.05 Exhaust Gasket (3pcs)

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Easy to install, reuseable, no-mess solution for sealing your exhaust to the O.S. 1.05 engine crank case. High temp fiber gasket material creates a great seal that will not blow out over time.

*Includes 3 gaskets

Fits all O.S. .61, .91, 1.05 Engines and Exhaust

One key variable to good engine performance is a leak free exhaust, RTV and other high temp adhesives can be messy, time consuming, and inconsistent. These gaskets bolt right on and can be reused multiple times when removing the exhaust system.

Installation instructions: Exhaust-Gasket-Installation-Instructions

4 reviews for O.S. 1.05 Exhaust Gasket (3pcs)

  1. Manny Neto

    This is absolutely the best solution for a perfect exhaust seal!!
    No messing with RTVs anymore, having to redo it every time you remove the pipe.. basically just set it and forget it.
    I’ve removed mine multiple times already and the gasket still in perfect condition!

  2. Geena Tucker

    I have tried every possible method for sealing the exhaust on my helicopters, with little to no success. Until I picked up a package of Nick`s gaskets. These things WORK! No mess, no hassle. Just install it, run the engine for a good hard flight, and re-tighten the muffler bolts…done! If you don`t have these on your helicopter, you`re doing yourself a disservice.

  3. Cary Brooks

    Truly an amazing product. Thank you Nick for developing this. I was so sick and tired of cleaning up RTV and resealing every 20 or 30 flights. JB weld worked a little longer but would eventually fail and that was even more work to clean up. These gaskets are an awesome solution for a well tuned engine.

  4. Derek Townsend

    The best exhaust sealing solution for your OS powered glow machines, hands down. Definitely worth picking up some! You won’t go back to other methods of getting your exhaust sealing woes in check!

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