O.S. .55 Exhaust Gasket (3pcs)


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Easy to install, reuseable, no-mess solution for sealing your exhaust to the O.S. .55 engine crank case. High temp fiber gasket material creates a great seal that will not blow out over time.

*Includes 3 gaskets

Fits all O.S. .50 and .55 Engines and Exhaust

One key variable to good engine performance is a leak free exhaust, RTV and other high temp adhesives can be messy, time consuming, and inconsistent. These gaskets bolt right on and can be reused multiple times when removing the exhaust system.

*** Clean both sides the engine exhaust port and exhaust header well before installation. NO NOT soak in oil before intalling.

Tighen the exhaust snuggly and only compress the gasket a little bit. After the first flight with a gasket, immediately after landing while the engine is still warm, re-snug (don’t crank down) the exhaust bolts, let cool completely and the exhaust will stay tight until you go to remove it next.


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