Quest Angled Blade Grip Plate


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To get the most balanced control deflection of each rotor blade as the swash plate input is changed, it is important that the control geometry be symmetrical.

This plate creates a 90 degree angle between the blade grip pivot point and the control rod from the swashplate negating differential induced by the radius of the grip post when rotating.

Direct bolt on to the Quest 787 and 775 blade grips. Grip to swash ratio is the exact same so no tuning required besides resetting neutral collective and removing any positive to negative pitch bias in the pitch curve settings.

Made from aluminum.

*Depending on pilots set-up regarding swashplate position on the shaft, swash to grip control rods may need cut down so the rod does not bottom out inside the link.

*Specifically improves collective control feel in aerobatics and hovering.


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