rEVO – PFB 715mm Rotor Blades

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rEVO RC Helicopter Rotor Blades for 700 class helicopters

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rEVO rotor blades are revolutionary to the RC heli market in design, build structure, and performance. They are an evolution and combination of advanced composites and proven designs from years of experience in blade manufacturing from Vic Campbell in conjuncture with Nick Maxwell’s design, flight testing, and precise expectations of a rotor blade.

rEVO blades are unique not only in shape, but in how they flex (*PFB – Parabolic Flexing Blades), weight, and center of gravity location.  A very narrow chord and flex free root provide rigid control of the blade tip; the most important part of how a rotor blade functions. Never before has a blade been so stable with a sustainable 425+ degrees per second rate of rotation.

rEVO are 715mm long, have a 14mm root, 5mm bolt hole, and can be flown on electric, nitro, low headspeed, speed, and F3C helicopters. The carbon leading edge is 1 peice wrapped, found in no other RC rotor blade on the market.

rEVO will be stocked and sold in LIMITED monthly quantity on and select retailers around the world.


2 reviews for rEVO – PFB 715mm Rotor Blades

  1. Jason Harmon

    amazing my new favorite blade

  2. Rowdy Niemira

    These are my favorite rotorblades of all time. They do everything right. Quick off center and stable in FFF. They also have awesome hangtime in an auto and spool up quick.

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