uGlow – Onboard Glow Igniter

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uGlow is an onboard glow plug igniter for supplying voltage to the glow plug when starting the engine. Designed by  Mike Dipalo, uGlow is the smartest electronic glow igniter to date featuring bad plug detect, push button for manual glow, and  remotely controlled on/off by any spare PWM output in your receiver or flight control system (ELE2 port on CGY760R)…never worry about forgetting your Ni-Starter ever again…

-Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4v (direct 2s LiPo safe)

-Requires 1 spare and assignable PWM (servo) port for power and on/off

-Helicopter/Airplane/RC Car

-Compatible with all standard glow plugs (OS Engine)

-Loud buzzer for clear on/live glow

-Small and light for the tightest glow model airframes/chassis




1 review for uGlow – Onboard Glow Igniter

  1. David M

    Works great on my diabolo nitro 105hz-r. It has very little space for accessories in and around the frame. The blue light ignition indicator on the U-Glow is super easy to see, even while flying and you forget to turn it off. Buzzer quit after the 4th time starting. I switched out the alligator to the switch glow cap style connection to the plug. I recommend this unit

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