For F3C competition flying:

Quest + Reference

Quest Corporation:

Popular Place to buy Quest kits:

My particular set-up is a box stock Quest 787 with only 1 modifications and 2 option parts:


  1. Blade grip arm plates ( changed to create a 90 degree angle between the grip pivot and swashplate control rod – pitch angles are very symmetrical)

Option Parts:

  1. 220mm Short Main Shaft
  2. 80 Durometer Damper Set

Electronics Set-up:

  1. Futaba CGY760R
  2. Futaba HPS-HC700 Cyclic Servos
  3. Futaba BLS276SV Tail Rotor
  4. Futaba 1800mah LiFe RX (used a buffer pack)
  5. Scorpion 4625-520KV F3C Version Motor
  6. Scorpion Tribunus 130Amp ESC (settings ALL Default except BEC Voltage set to 7.1V)
  7. FullyMax 6s 5500mAh 70C (2 in series for 12s)


  1. FunTech 730mm F3C
  2. FunTech 105mm 3-Blade Set


  1. Reference from Y’s Factory with Hayashi-san Paint

Aftermarket R/C Products

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