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New Quest 775 F3C

Quest has released a new airframe this summer with a completely new center section and tail rotor.

  1. Tail boom is 35mm 100% carbon which eliminates the need for boom supports
  2. New frame is also 2 sandwiched carbon plates in the areas the most strength is needed
  3. Tail pulley diameter has been increased for smoother and more grip that the previous belt, making the tail almost impossible to skip even during backwards flight with a fuselage and/or during abrupt pirouette stops
  4. Stock 220mm shorter main shaft
  5. 6mm tail output shaft for high RPM and durability
  6. New Plastic damped blade grip spacers
  7. New swashplate servo layout

Mr. Dobashi flew the prototype design in the 2017 F3C World Championships in Poland. I was lucky enough to fly Dobashi-san’s helicopter at the WC after the contest was over, as well as when visiting Japan for work later that year and could feel a clear difference in the way the model did aerobatics.

The frame set has a much higher CG and is significantly more rigid than the previous version, making the more aggressive aerobatics feel as if you are flying a 3D machine. Flips are extremely fluid.

As always, Quest helicopters are designed to be used with Futaba gyros and servos. This airframe is specifically taking advantage of the new CGY760R and HPS-HC700 servos in 760us mode.

Dobashi-san’s QUEST 775 in his special green paint by Hayashi-san

One of the best places to purchase this kit for international customers: https://www.rcjapan.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=152_158&products_id=29788&zenid=57out7ae2fbdse9ak7i0kt64p2